Is a burger just a burger? Are all hamburgers created equal? Husband and wife Chris and Nicole Carver didn’t think so—because every once in a while, often in unexpected places, they had tasted burgers that were truly great—juicer, tastier, and more fulfilling to the body and the soul!

What was the difference? Chris and Nicole decided to find out, and so off they went on THE GREAT BURGER QUEST.  It took them to Las Vegas, Phoenix, LA, and finally to New York City.  The quest became an obsession. WHAT MAKES THE DIFFERENCE?

There was only one criteria—TASTE.  But when they found a good one, the research started…..the freshness of the bun….the make-up of the meat…..and exactly how it was cooked.

They pried and bribed secrets out of cooks and gourmets.  They set up tasting boards and feedback committees.  They tried everything, and they found that the keys were total freshness and mixing different cuts of beef in exactly the right percentages.

That begged the next question:  “Why can’t we get the best burger in the world right here in Utah?”  The couple decided that they were going to make the answer be: “You can!”

Together they established Tonyburgers (Chris has a brother named Tony, and it sounded better than Chrisburgers or Nicoleburgers) and they put the first restaurant in Centerville.

But they weren’t done! Their quest to find the best went beyond burgers to fries and their research showed that, again, there were no shortcuts.  The best fries had to be hand-cut from fresh potatoes every day, and cooked twice in just the right blend of oil.  Using Nicole’s expertise they went on to shakes—again only the best and the most unique—then to onion rings and cheese curds, same thing.

“Everything that is really and truly GOOD,” says Chris, “has a secret.  And the only way to find the secrets is to search and to research. That’s what we did with everything we sell at Tonyburgers. We’re glad to share our quest for the best, and its results, with our customers every day.”

Tonyburgers premium burgers original sign.
Tonyburgers owners and founders.
Tonyburgers centerville location.

Tonyburgers | Centerville

Tonyburgers clinton location outside seating.

Tonyburgers | Clinton

Tonybugers salt lake city utah location.

Tonyburgers | Salt Lake City

Tonyburgers holladay location street view.

Tonyburgers | Holladay

Tonyburgers south jordan location street view.

Tonyburgers | South Jordan

Tonyburgers west valley utah location.

Tonyburgers | West Valley

Tonyburgers herriman location front entrance.

Tonyburgers | Harriman